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Shoosmiths legal briefing

We have grown quickly in recent years, enhancing our reputation and increasing turnover, which now stands at almost £100m. Now an established Top 30 national law firm, we have eight offices, the latest of which opened in Manchester, in January 2009. Our growth has been driven by a commercially driven strategy of seizing opportunities in a changing market, while at the same time staying close to our clients and providing them with the best possible legal advice. At the same time, we have developed an excellent work/life balance alongside an enterprising culture, one that has acted as a magnet for some of the brightest and best legal talent. It is this that has enabled us to expand organically. Culture and brand help us stand out, and our strong values programme is reinforced at every job interview, promotion opportunity, and performance and development review. We believe that a service-oriented, client-centred law firm stands the best chance of thriving as the much anticipated Legal Services Act approaches, and the significant changes it will bring. And in February 2010 we announced Access Legal from Shoosmiths, a new brand bringing together more than 100 consumer services in seven areas: conveyancing; employment law advice; legal disputes; medical negligence solicitors; motoring law; personal injury solicitors; and Wills, family and wealth. Its aim is to make legal services easily accessible to consumers, while at the same time complementing Shoosmiths' corporate client offering.

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Guarantees - are the courts relaxing their approach?

Over the years a trend has been seen for the courts in England to protect the guarantor. In this article, Shoosmiths takes a look at two recent cases in which the courts appear to have shifted to a more creditor-friendly approach, one of which involves celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 02 March 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation

Will 'online dispute resolution' have its day in court?

The Civil Justice Council's Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group has produced a report which supports a movement towards online dispute resolution. But can such a system actually be delivered? This Shoosmiths briefing looks at the recommendations and assesses their prospects of success.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 23 February 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation

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Collective consultation: is Woolworths once more set to change the regime?

On 5 February, the Advocate General delivered his opinion in what has become known as the 'Woolworths' collective consultation case. While the judgment of the ECJ is still needed, this Shoosmiths briefing looks at what might be in store for employers as a result of the AG's opinion.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 18 February 2015 | Practice Area: Collective Consultation

Fifty shades of grey: how to avoid getting tied up in an age discrimination dispute

With an ageing population, the future is grey, and organisations need to adapt to a changing economic and social landscape. In this briefing, Shoosmiths considers the legal framework for employers to help them avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits of an older workforce.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 13 February 2015 | Practice Area: Equal Treatment

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Mid-market corporate finance - trends in 2014 and a look at the year ahead

2014 saw two competing trends - increased market optimism alongside increased regulation. This Shoosmiths article looks the key market trends in mid-market corporate finance, as well as developments in law and regulation which will continue to impact lenders in the year ahead.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 09 February 2015 | Practice Area: Corporate Financing

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Obesity as a disability - a new challenge for employers

According to NHS statistics, one in four adults in the UK are classed as obese. The Court of Justice of the European Union has recently confirmed that obesity can be a disability. In this briefing, Shoosmiths considers the practical implications of this decision for employers.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 06 February 2015 | Practice Area: Equal Treatment

Top 10 employment liabilities to look out for when buying a business

Business purchases present numerous traps for the unwary, particularly in terms of the employment liabilities which may be transferred. In this article, Shoosmiths considers the top 10 such liabilities a buyer may face when purchasing a business.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 05 February 2015 | Practice Area: Transfer of Undertakings

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Lubricants, magazines and pork pies: UK merger control update

It has been a busy start to the year for the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) merger control teams, with the CMA identifying possible concerns arising from no less than four deals in January. In this briefing, Shoosmiths takes a look at the highlights from the month.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 04 February 2015 | Practice Area: Merger Control

Contractual terms to protect your database - a practical alternative to copyright

The Court of Justice of the European Union has handed down a ruling that may significantly affect owners of databases of information who wish to restrict how their data is used and those who make use of such databases. In this briefing, Shoosmiths reports on the implications of this judgment.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 28 January 2015 | Practice Area: Databases

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High fashion in the High Court: Rihanna retains 'passing-off' victory against Topshop

In 2013, Rihanna took legal action against Topshop and its parent company for using an image of her on a T-shirt, and succeeded with her claim of passing-off. The Court of Appeal has now ruled that the High Court judge who decided the case was correct to side with Rihanna, as Shoosmiths reports.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 26 January 2015 | Practice Area: Passing Off

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