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Shoosmiths legal briefing

We have grown quickly in recent years, enhancing our reputation and increasing turnover, which now stands at almost £100m. Now an established Top 30 national law firm, we have eight offices, the latest of which opened in Manchester, in January 2009. Our growth has been driven by a commercially driven strategy of seizing opportunities in a changing market, while at the same time staying close to our clients and providing them with the best possible legal advice. At the same time, we have developed an excellent work/life balance alongside an enterprising culture, one that has acted as a magnet for some of the brightest and best legal talent. It is this that has enabled us to expand organically. Culture and brand help us stand out, and our strong values programme is reinforced at every job interview, promotion opportunity, and performance and development review. We believe that a service-oriented, client-centred law firm stands the best chance of thriving as the much anticipated Legal Services Act approaches, and the significant changes it will bring. And in February 2010 we announced Access Legal from Shoosmiths, a new brand bringing together more than 100 consumer services in seven areas: conveyancing; employment law advice; legal disputes; medical negligence solicitors; motoring law; personal injury solicitors; and Wills, family and wealth. Its aim is to make legal services easily accessible to consumers, while at the same time complementing Shoosmiths' corporate client offering.

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Premier League kicks off copyright clampdown over online video clips - is legal action likely?

With the new Premier League season now underway, the Football Association Premier League has issued a warning to people posting unofficial videos of goals online, stating that these videos are in 'breach of copyright'. In this briefing, Shoosmiths looks at the likelihood of any legal action.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 21 August 2014 | Practice Area: Copyright

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How to draft disciplinary outcome letters - 10 top tips

The letter sent to an employee following a disciplinary process is often the most important document that an employer will rely upon in defending any subsequent employment tribunal claim. In this briefing, Shoosmiths suggests 10 top tips for drafting disciplinary outcome letters.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 20 August 2014 | Practice Area: Tribunals

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Declaring an interest - company considerations for transactions with directors

When a transaction involves the acquisition of assets by a company from one of its director, or vice versa, the company may need to ensure that it has complied with the 'substantial property transaction' procedures set out in the Companies Act 2006. Shoosmiths sets out the key issues to consider.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 18 August 2014 | Practice Area: Corporate reorganisation

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Pre-packs - do they have a future?

In June this year Teresa Graham published her report on pre-pack administrations, following much criticism of the process in recent years. The review made a number of recommendations to try to improve the reputation of pre-packs - this Shoosmiths briefing takes a succinct look at the details.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 14 August 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

Copyright conundrums - monkeying about with a camera

A nature photographer from Gloucestershire has argued that he owns the copyright in a now famous image taken using his camera, but Wikipedia claims there is no copyright in the image - because it was actually taken by a monkey. Shoosmiths takes a closer look at this curious case.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 13 August 2014 | Practice Area: Copyright

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New energy audit requirement for large organisations

Larger companies and non-public sector organisations will be required to carry out mandatory energy saving assessments under the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme introduced on 17 July by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations. Shoosmiths looks at who is affected and what is required.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 08 August 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

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Preventing illegal working - key changes to right to work checks to be aware of

Employers have a duty to prevent illegal working, and are obliged to carry out prescribed document checks on individuals before they start work to ensure they have permission to work in the UK. This Shoosmiths briefing looks at recent changes to the document checks that employers should be aware of.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 05 August 2014 | Practice Area: Immigration

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Beware of unintentionally creating the right to a pay increase

The recent case of Hershaw and ors v Sheffield City Council is a timely reminder to employers to be careful about how and what they communicate to their employees, particularly with regards to pay. In this briefing, Shoosmiths considers the learning points to come out of the case.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 30 July 2014 | Practice Area: Tribunals

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Holiday pay - key questions answered

Calculating holiday pay is proving to be a hot topic at the moment, with recent employment tribunal and European Court decisions hitting the headlines. In this briefing, Shoosmiths answers some of the questions employers are grappling with as a result of these decisions.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 25 July 2014 | Practice Area: Contract of Employment and Statutory rights

What an independent Scotland could mean for your business

24 March 2016 is the proposed date for independence from the parliamentary union of 1707 if Scotland votes 'yes' in the referendum in two months' time. In this briefing, Shoosmiths looks at the potential consequences for UK businesses if Scotland decides to become an independent country.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 23 July 2014 | Practice Area: Cross-border: Commercial and International Trade

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