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Shoosmiths legal briefing

We have grown quickly in recent years, enhancing our reputation and increasing turnover, which now stands at almost £100m. Now an established Top 30 national law firm, we have eight offices, the latest of which opened in Manchester, in January 2009. Our growth has been driven by a commercially driven strategy of seizing opportunities in a changing market, while at the same time staying close to our clients and providing them with the best possible legal advice. At the same time, we have developed an excellent work/life balance alongside an enterprising culture, one that has acted as a magnet for some of the brightest and best legal talent. It is this that has enabled us to expand organically. Culture and brand help us stand out, and our strong values programme is reinforced at every job interview, promotion opportunity, and performance and development review. We believe that a service-oriented, client-centred law firm stands the best chance of thriving as the much anticipated Legal Services Act approaches, and the significant changes it will bring. And in February 2010 we announced Access Legal from Shoosmiths, a new brand bringing together more than 100 consumer services in seven areas: conveyancing; employment law advice; legal disputes; medical negligence solicitors; motoring law; personal injury solicitors; and Wills, family and wealth. Its aim is to make legal services easily accessible to consumers, while at the same time complementing Shoosmiths' corporate client offering.

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Biting on the LIP: is the tide turning away from leniency towards litigants in person?

Following the recession, legal aid cutbacks and poor economic conditions have led to an increasing number of litigants in person (LIPs) in the courts as people struggle to pay for legal representation. But is the tide turning away from leniency towards LIPs? This briefing looks at some key cases.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 27 November 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Defamation on the decline? What new laws mean for claimants

Reported defamation cases in the UK fell by 27% last year to the lowest level since 2008-09, according to new research. The overall reduction comes following the introduction of the Defamation Act, which came into force on 1 January 2014. This briefing looks at what the new laws mean for claimants.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 24 November 2015 | Practice Area: Media

Black Friday through to Cyber Monday: how to ensure you don't sell out

The US tradition of 'shop 'till you drop' on the weekend following Thanksgiving is becoming more popular in the UK, but in an age where customer complaints have the potential to spread instantly and widely, sale periods must be handled carefully – this briefing looks at the key issues.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 23 November 2015 | Practice Area: Sale and Supply of Goods and Services

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Top employment law tips for managing a seasonal workforce

With the crucial Christmas trading period just around the corner, many employers are preparing for their annual influx of seasonal staff. However, managing a seasonal workforce can be challenging, This briefing looks at how employers can ensure the festive season runs as smoothly as possible.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 18 November 2015 | Practice Area: Contract of Employment and Statutory rights

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Who is responsible for non-compete provisions in the contract of sale?

The absence of non-compete provisions when purchasing a business should cause alarm bells to ring. In a recent case, the High Court was willing to hold a firm of solicitors liable in negligence and in breach of contract for failing to advise on the absence of non-compete provisions in the contract...view abstract

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 10 November 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Happy Birthday: who owns the copyright to the lyrics?

This September, a US court considered whether Warner/Chappel Music owned the copyright to the lyrics to Happy Birthday. The case serves as a useful reminder of the importance of putting in place unambiguous written agreements as well as maintaining adequate records, as Shoosmiths explains.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 06 November 2015 | Practice Area: Copyright

Will Hollywood's focus on equal rights help efforts to tackle the UK's gender pay gap?

With the release of the film Suffragettes, equality has been brought into the limelight once more. One of the movie's stars, Meryl Streep, has revealed that she is still paid less than many of her male co-stars. This briefing looks at efforts to level the playing field for working women in the UK.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 30 October 2015 | Practice Area: Equal Treatment

Tricks but no treats for employers this Halloween

In light of recent case law and new legislation coming into force, this Shoosmiths briefing looks at five employment updates likely to give employers a fright this Halloween season.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 28 October 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

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Not so Safe Harbour: what steps should employers take now?

Following the recent ruling on the invalidity of Safe Harbor framework to transfer personal data outside of Europe, this Shoosmiths briefing sets out the impact on UK employers who transfer employee data to their US parent companies, and suggests practical steps employers should take.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 23 October 2015 | Practice Area: Data Protection and Privacy

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Zero hours contracts: long-awaited guidance for employers

Earlier this year, draft regulations were put before Parliament on zero hours contracts, which suggested the need to improve the information available to both employers and workers. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has now produced guidance for employers, as this briefing explains.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 21 October 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

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