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Shoosmiths legal briefing

We have grown quickly in recent years, enhancing our reputation and increasing turnover, which now stands at almost £100m. Now an established Top 30 national law firm, we have eight offices, the latest of which opened in Manchester, in January 2009. Our growth has been driven by a commercially driven strategy of seizing opportunities in a changing market, while at the same time staying close to our clients and providing them with the best possible legal advice. At the same time, we have developed an excellent work/life balance alongside an enterprising culture, one that has acted as a magnet for some of the brightest and best legal talent. It is this that has enabled us to expand organically. Culture and brand help us stand out, and our strong values programme is reinforced at every job interview, promotion opportunity, and performance and development review. We believe that a service-oriented, client-centred law firm stands the best chance of thriving as the much anticipated Legal Services Act approaches, and the significant changes it will bring. And in February 2010 we announced Access Legal from Shoosmiths, a new brand bringing together more than 100 consumer services in seven areas: conveyancing; employment law advice; legal disputes; medical negligence solicitors; motoring law; personal injury solicitors; and Wills, family and wealth. Its aim is to make legal services easily accessible to consumers, while at the same time complementing Shoosmiths' corporate client offering.

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Has the law concerning rescission for misrepresentation been made clearer?

When a contract has been entered into as a result of a misrepresentation, the predominant question nearly always asked is whether the contract can be rescinded, or is the party limited to claiming damages? This Shoosmiths briefing looks at a key recent Court of Appeal decision on this subject.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 27 August 2015 | Practice Area: Boilerplate

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Legal due diligence: top tips for a seller

Due diligence can be a daunting and burdensome process for a seller, particularly where tight timeframes are involved. This briefing sets out some top tips for a seller responding to legal due diligence enquiries, to make the process as focused, cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 26 August 2015 | Practice Area: Mergers & Acquisitions

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Google's Alphabet move: the ABC of corporate reorganisations

Google has announced a significant reorganisation and the creation of a new holding company named Alphabet Inc. In this update, Shoosmiths considers the reasons why companies may choose to make such a move.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 19 August 2015 | Practice Area: Corporate reorganisation

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Key High Court ruling on 'serious harm' in the context of a defamation dispute

In a recent case involving the Evening Standard and AOL, the High Court considered the construction of 'serious harm' under section 1 of the Defamation Act 2013. This is the first key decision to analyse exactly what section 1 means, as this Shoosmiths briefing explains.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 12 August 2015 | Practice Area: Defamation

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Unfair dismissal claims - when is an employer liable?

As organisations have become more global and workforces more mobile, this has resulted in 'overseas' employees claiming UK employment rights. In this article, Shoosmiths focuses on some examples and what employers can do to minimise their risks of such claims.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 27 July 2015 | Practice Area: Contract of Employment and Statutory rights

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Sexual orientation discrimination and the workplace: will the US shift have a ripple effect?

The US has now caught up with the UK and many other countries by declaring same-sex marriage legal. Will this translate into employers and employees being more accepting of one another regardless of sexual orientation? This Shoosmiths briefing looks at the current legal sitation in the UK.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 24 July 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

European Copyright Law: four 'megatrends' set to dominate the agenda

With concrete proposals for amendments to European copyright law not due until this autumn, now is a good time to take stock. This Shoosmiths briefing takes a look at four 'megatrends' in European copyright law which will dominate the regulatory agenda and discourse over the next three years.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 23 July 2015 | Practice Area: Sale and Supply of Goods and Services

Retailers: top 10 issues to consider about Sunday trading

Chancellor George Osborne has revealed that he plans to give directly elected mayors and councils devolved powers to allow them to make the choice as to whether to bring in longer Sunday trading hours in their respective regions. This briefing sets out the top 10 issues retailers need to consider.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 10 July 2015 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

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Private copying exemption challenged by musicians' groups

The private copying exemption permitting copying of copyright protected content, including music, which was introduced into English law on 1 October 2014, has come under attack in judicial review proceedings. Shoosmiths reports on a case which could prove to be highly significant.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 03 July 2015 | Practice Area: Sale and Supply of Goods and Services

Managing a clash of personalities... is dismissal an option?

A collision of personalities at work can lead to disruption, reduced productivity and much stress and anxiety, and such cases may cause an employer to consider the dismissal of one, both or all parties involved. But how can an employer do so, and do so fairly? Shoosmiths looks at the key issues.

Law Firm: Shoosmiths | Published: 02 July 2015 | Practice Area: Contract of Employment and Statutory rights

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