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Macfarlanes legal briefing

"From our base in London, we offer discerning clients an alternative to the world's legal giants. "We are recognised for the quality of our work, not just in dealing with the full range of corporate and commercial matters, but in advising our clients on their private affairs. They trust our judgment and we are in a unique position to advise on their most complex matters, whilst at the same time remaining smaller than our competitors. That means that we can maintain the very highest levels of service and partner involvement that our clients expect. "The nature of business today is such that we are usually advising on matters that reach across multiple jurisdictions. By working with other leading independent firms and lawyers around the world in each relevant jurisdiction, we provide a seamless service, wherever and whenever our clients need it."

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China market access update: Chinese tax authorities clarify tax treatment

The Chinese tax authorities have issued two tax circulars clarifying the tax treatment of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) and Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) programmes. Macfarlanes summarises the details.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 17 November 2014 | Practice Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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A friendly obligation? The English Court upholds an agreement to negotiate

The High Court has recently upheld a (time limited) contractual provision requiring the parties to seek to resolve a dispute by "friendly discussion". If followed, the case will represent a significant change in approach by the courts, as this Macfarlanes briefing explains.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 13 November 2014 | Practice Area: Litigation

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The Tindall Cobham decision on intra-group lease assignments: real estate legal update

This Macfarlanes real estate briefing focuses on the recent case of Tindall Cobham, which considers the position on intra-group lease assignments, where a proviso in the disposals clause falls foul of the principles set out in the 2010 Good Harvest decision.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 12 November 2014 | Practice Area: Landlord and Tenant

Important new guidance for audit committees of quoted SMEs

This Macfarlanes briefing rounds up key recent developments for M&A lawyers, including revised guidance for audit committee chairmen of SMEs published by the Quoted Companies Alliance, a guide which reflects the increasing role of the audit committee in enhancing trust in companies.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 11 November 2014 | Practice Area: Corporate Governance

More details on plans for central public registry of ownership of interests in shares in UK companies

This briefing rounds up key news for M&A lawyers, including a government discussion paper on plans for the introduction of a central public registry of beneficial ownership of interests in shares in UK companies, and the latest on efforts to tackle the problem of short-termism in UK capital markets.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 05 November 2014 | Practice Area: Financial Reporting

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European Commission implements acts recognising CCP equivalence in certain non-EU jurisdictions

The European Commission has adopted four provisional implementing acts with the effect that CCPs in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore will soon be able to be used by market participants to clear standardised OTC derivatives in compliance with EU legislation, as Macfarlanes reports.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 04 November 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Compliance

Directors' remuneration, consumer protection and custody of assets: investment management update

This Macfarlanes briefing rounds up news of interest for those working in investment management, including the Investment Management Association's newly released Principles of Remuneration, and a speech by ESMA chair Steven Maijoor on the current and future protection of financial consumers.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 28 October 2014 | Practice Area: Collective Investment Schemes

Venture capital, prospectuses and remuneration principles - M&A update

This Macfarlanes briefing rounds up key developments for M&A lawyers, including the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association's relaunched standard form documents for early stage venture capital investments, and the Investment Management Association's revised Principles of Remuneration.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 27 October 2014 | Practice Area: Venture Capital

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You pays your money and you takes your choice - the settlement offer dilemma facing litigators

Making an offer to settle a dispute can be an effective tactic in litigation, as it puts pressure on the recipient of the offer. Broadly, there are two ways of making an offer - Part 36 and Calderbank. This briefing looks at a recent case which highlights the pros and cons of the two types of offer.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 24 October 2014 | Practice Area: Litigation

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Corporate reporting - what can companies do better?

This Macfarlanes briefing rounds up key developments of interest for M&A lawyers, including the FRC's annual report on company accounts - recommended reading for those involved in preparing company accounts - and an interesting case which focused on the exact construction of an indemnity.

Law Firm: Macfarlanes | Published: 23 October 2014 | Practice Area: Financial Reporting

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