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Eversheds legal briefing

Eversheds is one of the world's largest corporate law firms. Committed locally, but connected globally, with offices based in the world's major economic centres, with a proven track record of delivering consistently high quality legal services across jurisdictions.

The firm has developed organically over the past decade working for corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes in countries where they want to do business. Lawyers in all locations share the same values, ways of working and understanding of what clients really want. As a modern, progressive law firm, Eversheds sets itself apart through its people, culture and its attitude to change.

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New specialist banking court introduced today

Today, a new financial court list has been introduced to bridge the work of the Commercial Court and Chancery Divisions. It will allow for high value and complex financial disputes to be allocated between a small selection of specialist judges, as Eversheds explains.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 02 October 2015 | Practice Area: Banking and Finance

Fair competition: European Commission President calls for review of supermarkets’ power

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for a review of the power wielded over food markets by groups of retailers and the “need to break some retail oligopolies”. His comments raise interesting questions about the powers available to competition authorities.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 25 September 2015 | Practice Area: Competition

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“Curbing" the activities of union representatives in the civil service

The Government has reported to have saved some £26 million by "curbing" the activities of union representatives in the civil service. This briefing looks at recently introduced new provisions designed to promote transparency and public scrutiny.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 24 September 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

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The importance of carefully worded security instruments: is it an on demand bond or a guarantee?

Bonds and guarantees are forms of security. There are different types of bonds, and the exact wording of the bond instrument is crucial in determining this, as exemplified by a recent High Court case. This Eversheds briefing looks at the case in question and discusses its implications.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 17 September 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Proposed changes to limited partnership law: the key details

This July, HM Treasury published a consultation paper on proposed changes to UK limited partnership law. The proposed changes are designed to enhance the UK's competitiveness as a centre for fund domicile - this Eversheds briefing sets out a summary of the key proposals.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 14 September 2015 | Practice Area: Partnerships and LLPs

Lessons from Ashley Madison: how to avoid a data security disaster

As the recent leak of sensitive data belonging to dating website Ashley Madison has shown, IT security breaches have the potential to wreak untold havoc on a business. It is vital to consider the legal repercussions of such a breach - this briefing sets out the steps to take to mitigate the risks.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 08 September 2015 | Practice Area: Security

European Commission announces plans to reduce barriers to online trade within the EU

In recent years, digital technology has transformed the way business is done, but the EU is lagging behind other regions such as the US. The European Commission has announced measures to encourage cross-border e-commerce to unlock over €400bn for Europe's GDP, as this Eversheds briefing explains.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 07 September 2015 | Practice Area: E-Commerce

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Is an employee on long-term sick leave still part of a transferring group of employees under TUPE?

In an interesting case before the Employment Appeal Tribunal this week, the court considered whether an employee on long-term sick leave must necessarily be regarded as still 'assigned' to his former team and, therefore, as a transferring employee for the purposes of the TUPE Regulations.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 03 September 2015 | Practice Area: Transfer of Undertakings

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New guidelines on rail passengers' rights: the key details

This July, the European Commission published new guidelines on rail passengers' rights and obligations. The guidelines have been published in an attempt to counteract a perceived lack of enforcement of regulations across the EU - this Eversheds briefing explains the key details.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 24 August 2015 | Practice Area: Transport

What effect will the Trade Union Bill have on unions and employers?.

With the Trade Union Bill having gone through its first reading in the House of Commons, Martin Warren, partner and practice group head of the human resources group at Eversheds, looks at the effects this new legislation will have on both unions and employers.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 20 August 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

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