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Eversheds legal briefing

Eversheds is one of the world's largest corporate law firms. Committed locally, but connected globally, with offices based in the world's major economic centres, with a proven track record of delivering consistently high quality legal services across jurisdictions.

The firm has developed organically over the past decade working for corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes in countries where they want to do business. Lawyers in all locations share the same values, ways of working and understanding of what clients really want. As a modern, progressive law firm, Eversheds sets itself apart through its people, culture and its attitude to change.

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Autumn statement 2015: what does it mean for pensions?

Yesterday’s Autumn statement contained no major surprises for pensions, but Chancellor George Osborne did confirm the starting rate for the new single-tier state pension, as well as a number of other points of interest. This briefing sets out the key pension-related announcements.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 27 November 2015 | Practice Area: Pensions

Top tips for avoiding clawback of European funding in procurements: the most common and serious mistakes

The European Commission recently published Public Procurement Guidance for Practitioners on the most common errors in projects funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds. This briefing lists the red warning issues - those which point out where the most common and serious mistakes arise.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 24 November 2015 | Practice Area: Public Procurement

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Important news for UK leveraged renewables projects: proposed changes to tax treatment of debt interest

The UK Government has issued a consultation paper setting out proposals for UK tax deductions for interest paid on both third party debts to be capped. This represents a fundamental change to the UK taxation of debt with a potentially significant impact on UK leveraged renewable projects.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 20 November 2015 | Practice Area: Taxation

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Disclosure and the Modern Slavery Act: how to respond

The Modern Slavery Act has placed a new duty on larger commercial organisations to publicly report steps they have taken to ensure their operations and supply chains are trafficking and slavery free. This briefing looks at the key questions and sets out a practical roadmap for action.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 19 November 2015 | Practice Area: Corporate Governance

FCA aims to identify areas of concern in the mortgage market: what this means for you

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a call to gather information on how competition is functioning in the UK’s mortgage market. The FCA is seeking feedback from lenders, consumers and other interested parties on potential areas of concern - this briefing looks at what this means for you...view abstract

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 18 November 2015 | Practice Area: Competition Regulators and enforcement

ESMA publishes final draft RTS for central clearing of credit derivatives under EMIR

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published its final report containing the final draft of regulatory technical standards (RTS) for the central clearing of credit derivatives under Regulation No 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories (EMIR).

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 13 November 2015 | Practice Area: Banking and Finance

Passport to resolution: a global guide to disputes in 32 jurisdictions

This publication aims to provide a quick reference guide to dispute resolution procedures in 32 jurisdictions around the world, serving as a useful starting point for information when you are involved in a dispute that is either cross-border or outside your own jurisdiction.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 06 November 2015 | Practice Area: Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Is Safe Harbor 2.0 around the corner?

Since the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled Safe Harbor to be invalid, a number of key developments have taken place. This briefing summarises these developments and helps to answer the question still being asked by business in both the EU and the US: "what do we do now?"

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 30 October 2015 | Practice Area: Data Protection and Privacy

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High Court pilots shorter and flexible trial schemes - what this means for you

In a judge-led initiative to improve efficiency and costs in litigation, two pilot schemes for shorter trials and flexible trials are now underway in the the Rolls Building of the High Court in London. This Eversheds briefing looks at the key features.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 29 October 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Long-awaited guidance on how businesses should respond to the Modern Slavery Act: the details

Long-awaited Home Office guidance on how businesses should respond to the new modern slavery and trafficking reporting duty has now been published, with regulations confirming that the duty is in force from today. This Eversheds briefing looks at the details of the guidance.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 29 October 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

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