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Eversheds legal briefing

"Eversheds is an international law firm with a clear vision of the future. A firm that is adapting to new demands and business pressures. A firm that understands what clients need today and, equally important, what they will need tomorrow.

"We have recognised that the marketplace is changing, and we have analysed what is shaping the industries we serve. Now we are focusing on creative and cost-effective solutions that ensure our clients receive the best service at the best price.

"It is an approach that makes Eversheds such a distinctive and innovative force in the legal world. It is what makes us 21st century lawyers.

"We have looked very closely at our industry and what concerns our clients. For example: spiralling costs, jobs that overrun, and the need to go beyond core legal advice and be a trusted business partner. We understand how organisations work, we know the commercial drivers and the strategic imperatives, and we have a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries.

"No comparable law firm delivers the same level of project management and transparency. With Eversheds, you receive prices and plans that won't change without your knowledge or permission. You have control of your legal spend and total accountability from your advisers; nothing is left to chance, nothing is random or surprising. What you see is what you get - quality with clarity."

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Court upholds contract terms - a bad bargain, however clearly drafted, will remain a bad bargain

The recent case of Fujitsu Services v IBM UK is about one party’s efforts to defeat a clearly worded exclusion clause. It highlights the courts’ willingness to implement a clearly drafted contract, even if it underlines the bad bargain one party has potentially entered into, as Eversheds reports...view abstract

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 29 August 2014 | Practice Area: Litigation

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New mandatory energy assessment scheme for big businesses: key points to be aware of

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme is the UK Government’s implementation of a requirement of the Energy Efficiency Directive regarding energy audits, and requires energy assessments to be carried out every four years for large businesses. Eversheds sets out the key points to be aware of.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 21 August 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

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Legal implications of the Ebola outbreak - is it a force majeure event?

On 8 August the World Health Organisation categorised the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The potential impact of this epidemic is of interest to all multinational corporations with a presence in Africa, as Eversheds explains.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 20 August 2014 | Practice Area: Construction

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Striking a deal - say what you mean and mean what you say

Eversheds reports on the case of Proton Energy Group v Public Company Orlen Lietuva, which highlights the importance of ensuring any communications made during negotiations are clearly drafted and truly reflect a party's intentions.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 13 August 2014 | Practice Area: Litigation

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A quick reference guide to international merger control in 26 countries

When contemplating an international transaction, companies need to be aware of the potential risks, costs and delay resulting from merger control rules. This Eversheds report acts as a quick reference guide to merger control in 26 key jurisdictions across the world.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 08 August 2014 | Practice Area: Merger Control

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UK Public Accounts Committee report recommends changes to whistleblowing policies

The Public Accounts Committee has issued a report criticising the treatment of whistleblowers and the perceived failure by the UK Government to introduce effective law. In this briefing, Eversheds looks at the report's recommendations and discusses what this could mean for the retail sector.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 07 August 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

European Commission proposes reforms to merger control regime

The European Commission has produced a White Paper setting out proposals to improve and extend European Union merger control. In this briefing, Eversheds explores the proposals in more detail.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 05 August 2014 | Practice Area: Merger Control

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New FCA guidance on use of third party technology banking solutions

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a document setting out a number of considerations for firms who are thinking of using third-party technology or off-the-shelf banking solutions. In this briefing, Eversheds sets out what this means for UK firms.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 31 July 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Compliance

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Shared parental leave - 350 employers surveyed on the new regime

Regulations implementing the new shared parental leave regime are due to come into force this December, raising many potentially complex issues. This Eversheds report, which is based on responses from 350 employers, aims to identify practical concerns and opinions of this fundamental change.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 28 July 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

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Key dates for consumer finance: plan ahead for a year of change

With many legal and regulatory developments ahead, it is crucial for financial institutions to consider and understand these changes and anticipate how they could impact your business. This regulatory calendar highlights the key changes on the agenda for consumer finance at both a UK and EU level.

Law Firm: Eversheds | Published: 25 July 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Compliance

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