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Carey Olsen legal briefing

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Carey Olsen legal briefing

Carey Olsen is a market leading offshore law firm. We deliver exceptional services to our clients from the key offshore financial centres of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey. We also have an established presence in Cape Town and the City of London.

We're consistently the firm of choice for clients and advisers who refer work to our jurisdictions.

Our firm offers a partner-led service. We employ 300 people and our 42 partners head up a total complement of 185 fee earners. We provide legal services in relation to all areas of corporate and finance law, trusts and fiduciary law, investment funds and dispute resolution as well as to private clients.

We work with an extensive range of clients including directors, global financial institutions, investment funds, private equity houses, corporations, trustees, governments and private individuals including entrepreneurs. We also routinely work with leading legal advisers elsewhere on international transactions and cases involving our jurisdictions.

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Employee benefit trusts: a useful tool for companies looking to deliver benefits to employees

Notwithstanding recent negative stories in the press, a well-structured employee incentive arrangement operated through an employee benefit trust (EBT) can still deliver real value to a company and its employees. Jersey is an attractive jurisdiction in which to locate an EBT, as Carey Olsen reports.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 22 October 2014 | Practice Area: Employee Share Schemes

A guide to the Security Interests (Jersey) Law 2012

The Security Interests (Jersey) Law 2012 came into force fully on 2 January this year. The new law updates and improves the current law relating to security interests in intangible movable property. This Carey Olsen briefing summarises the key advantages to creditors of the new law.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 15 October 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Compliance

MiFID 2: implications for BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey firms

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is an EU law that aims to harmonise the regulation of investment services across the European Economic Area. In July this year, a revised MiFID entered into force - this briefing sets out the implications for third country firms as they currently stand.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 09 October 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Compliance

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Do I need a separate Channel Islands will?

Guernsey and Jersey are not part of the UK and are separate independent jurisdictions for probate purposes. It is not essential for you to have a separate will to cover your Channel Island assets, but there are certain benefits, as this Carey Olsen briefing explains.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 07 October 2014 | Practice Area: Wills and Probate

A guide to probate and estate planning administration for non-Guernsey domiciliaries

This Carey Olsen briefing looks at the key issues around probate and estate planning administration for non-Guernsey domiciliaries, including document requirements, why domicile is so important, the definition of executor/administrator and more.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 26 September 2014 | Practice Area: Family Law

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A guide to probate and estate planning administration for Guernsey domiciliaries

Guernsey is an independent legal jurisdiction for estate administration purposes. When a person dies leaving assets in Guernsey, it is likely their personal representative will need to obtain a Guernsey Grant of Probate or Administration to receive the Guernsey assets, as Carey Olsen explains.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 22 September 2014 | Practice Area: Succession Planning and Trusts

Guernsey issues regulations to implement FATCA-based reporting

Guernsey has published regulations to implement and enable the administration and enforcement under Guernsey domestic law of the intergovernmental agreements entered into with the UK and the US. The regulations will be of direct interest to financial institutions that are resident in Guernsey.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 16 September 2014 | Practice Area: Regulation and Compliance

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Guernsey Court of Appeal overturns Royal Court decision and holds trustee not personally liable

The Court of Appeal of Guernsey has overturned the decision of the Royal Court of Guernsey holding the Guernsey-based former trustees of a Jersey law trust personally liable to repay debts amounting to £183m plus interest. Carey Olsen takes a detailed look at the case and its implications.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 04 September 2014 | Practice Area: Succession Planning and Trusts

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Cayman Islands quarterly update - August 2014

This Carey Olsen briefing rounds up legal developments of interest in the Cayman Islands in recent months, covering subjects including the Directors Registration and Licensing Law 2014, which came into force on 4 June, and the Exempted Limited Partnership Law 2014, which came into force on 2 July.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 03 September 2014 | Practice Area: Directors

Qualifying partnerships: the Guernsey solution

In a move believed to be the first of its kind, Carey Olsen has helped a client to form a Guernsey LLP to act as general partner of a UK limited partnership for the purpose of ensuring that the UK limited partnership was not subject to the UK Partnership Accounts Regulations 2008.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 01 September 2014 | Practice Area: Partnerships and LLPs

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