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Carey Olsen legal briefing

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Carey Olsen legal briefing

Carey Olsen is a market leading offshore law firm. We deliver exceptional services to our clients from the key offshore financial centres of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey. We also have an established presence in Cape Town and the City of London.

We're consistently the firm of choice for clients and advisers who refer work to our jurisdictions.

Our firm offers a partner-led service. We employ 300 people and our 42 partners head up a total complement of 185 fee earners. We provide legal services in relation to all areas of corporate and finance law, trusts and fiduciary law, investment funds and dispute resolution as well as to private clients.

We work with an extensive range of clients including directors, global financial institutions, investment funds, private equity houses, corporations, trustees, governments and private individuals including entrepreneurs. We also routinely work with leading legal advisers elsewhere on international transactions and cases involving our jurisdictions.

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Important changes to the BVI Business Companies Act

The BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2015, which is due to come into force shortly, introduces a number of important changes to the provisions of the BVI Business Companies Act which are expected to have a beneficial effect for companies registered in the BVI.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 22 January 2016 | Practice Area: Corporate

Data protection - the privacy force awakens?

The new EU Data Protection Reform package, agreed in December, aims to strengthen citizens' rights via the use of global data protection standards, streamline international transfers and more robustly enforce the current rules. This briefing looks at the key changes and their potential impact.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 14 January 2016 | Practice Area: Data Protection and Privacy

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Royal Court of Jersey dismisses challenge to validity of tax regulations

The Royal Court of Jersey has dismissed a challenge to the validity of the Taxation (Exchange of Information with Third Countries) (Jersey) Regulations 2008. This decision provides helpful guidance on the operation of the amended regulations.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 06 January 2016 | Practice Area: Taxation

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A starting point guide to Jersey employment law

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, is a British Crown dependency but has its own financial, legal and judicial systems. In general employment law in Jersey is heavily influenced by English case law

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 15 December 2015 | Practice Area: Employment

Tenancy deposits in Jersey: the new scheme for residential leases

As of 2 November, residential leases in Jersey are subject to the residential tenancy deposit scheme. The scheme is a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme designed to safeguard tenants’ deposits and regulate their return at the end of a tenancy.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 09 December 2015 | Practice Area: Landlord and Tenant

Guernsey issues regulations to implement Common Reporting Standard

Guernsey has issued regulations to implement the Common Reporting Standard, a development which will be of interest to financial institutions resident in Guernsey for the purposes of compliance with the CRS, as well as non-resident financial institutions with a permanent establishment in Guernsey.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 03 December 2015 | Practice Area: Financial Reporting

Where to incorporate a start-up company: the benefits of the BVI

One of the first questions that founders of startup companies need to consider is where to incorporate their company, and more than one million companies have been formed in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) The BVI appeals to investors for a number of reasons, as this briefing explains.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 26 November 2015 | Practice Area: Company Administration

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Lessons from the prosecution of a money laundering reporting officer: a key Channel Islands case

This briefing looks at a recent prosecution under the Proceeds of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999 which caused considerable concern across the Channel Islands for all those involved in the regulatory and compliance industry, focusing on the lessons that can be learned from this example.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 20 November 2015 | Practice Area: Financial Services Regulation

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BVI trust law: an important ruling on the scope of powers of appointment

The BVI is a popular jurisdiction for the establishment of trusts, but there are few reported decisions from the BVI courts on trust law. However, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal has brought the BVI back into line with other offshore trust jurisdictions in this area, as this briefing explains.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 17 November 2015 | Practice Area: Succession Planning and Trusts

Freezing injunctions and enforcement: Jersey rules on post-judgment asset disclosure orders

A recent unreported decision has demonstrated the Jersey Royal Court's willingness to make disclosure orders not only to police post-judgment freezing orders but also to ensure that judgment creditors have all the information they need to enforce their judgments worldwide.

Law Firm: Carey Olsen | Published: 12 November 2015 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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